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Egg Yolk Lecithin Market News (2019 – 2029) | Industry Development, Insight, Significance & Influence Over Market

Growing preference for non-GMO lecithin will augur well for growth of the egg yolk lecithin market, as the requirement for non-GMO ingredients sourcing leads manufacturers toward adoption. Challenges apropos of the ingredient lists’ compilation including simpler, natural, and allergen-free elements have been offset by healthy and natural characteristics of egg yolk lecithin, thereby augmenting demand.

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According to a new Fact.MR study, the egg yolk lecithin market will record a steady growth to exceed revenues worth US$ 480 Mn by 2028-end. Fast-paced and hectic lifestyles of consumers have meant that demand for processed food and packaged food has surged significantly, thereby creating demand for egg yolk lecithin as an effective emulsifying agent.

Fluctuating cost of eggs, influenced by ripple effects of bird flu and inappropriate utilization of insecticides to rid fleas off chickens, is likely to increase the cost of their by-products, such as egg yolk lecithin. This will confine future growth of the egg yolk lecithin market to a certain extent.

Egg Yolk Lecithin Market: Food & Beverage Industry Accounts for over Half Market Share

Egg yolk lecithin finds adoption across a wide range of industries, with the food & beverage industry foreseen to hold over half market share, in terms of both value and volume. Egg yolk lecithin serves as an effective emulsifier in the production of processed and packaged food products. Extensive adoption in the production of ready-to-eat meals, and processed meat that include liver sausages and salami, will continue to foster growth of the egg yolk lecithin market.

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Packaged food industry has observed a significant rise in light of changing consumer perception about their dietary patterns. Inclining preference of consumers toward packaged food products is an end-result of their changing lifestyles, which includes long working hours, rising number of female working population, and fast access to packaged foods that are available in various cuisines. These factors will bode well for future growth of the egg yolk lecithin market.

Egg Yolk Lecithin Market: North America to Reign Supreme, fuelled by Upward Trend of Nutraceuticals & Clean Label Products

Albeit Europe currently holds higher market share, in terms of both value and volume, egg yolk lecithin market in North America will outgrow that in Europe by 2028-end. As functional foods in the region gain high traction, demand for naturally-sourced nutrition-rich ingredients such as egg yolk lecithin will gain an uptick in the upcoming years.

Upward trend of human nutrition in North America is being capitalized by nutraceuticals and food & beverage industries in the region, introducing clean label products while ensuring consumer access to key product attributes, such as taste. This will further foster growth of the egg yolk lecithin market in the region.

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Demand for egg yolk lecithin for food emulsification will remain strong in Europe, as healthy diet is not waning and fast becoming the norm in the region. A consumer trend toward consumption of food with low-fat, clean label, and better nutrition offerings is on the rise, thereby boding well for egg yolk lecithin market.

Additionally, events such as Nutraceuticals Europe have aided in spreading awareness about values of functional ingredients in complementing a healthy lifestyle. This, coupled with growing demand for dietary supplements with naturally-sourced functional ingredients, has and will influence adoption of egg yolk lecithin in the region’s nutraceuticals industry.

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